The Bradford Truby Trio

Some very good straight ahead modern jazz from a trio of young musicians who obviously know what they’re doing. The opening tunes, “Green Dolphin Street,” “If I Were A Bell,” “Autumn Leaves,” make it clear where these guys are coming from. This was familiar territory for the likes of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and other name bop stars in the ’60s and these three have clearly listened to the masters and paid attention. In fact, their sound is quite reminiscent of the piano, bass, and drum trios from that era. What’s unusual is that this group can be heard at Fritzel’s on Bourbon Street, usually associated with nothing else but traditional New Orleans jazz. It’s a tribute to leader Bradford Truby that he can comfortably fit into both musical styles. Bryan Besse is one of a handful of New Orleans drummers who do the kind of accented rhythms we usually associate with folks like Max Roach and places like New York. Chris Marshall on the keyboards has the kind of funky feel in his playing that the boppers were just beginning to experiment with and that James Booker brought to fruition. All in all, this is an excellent debut for some new additions to the local scene from whom I hope we’ll hear a great deal more.