Waylon Thibodeaux Here We Go Again (Rabadash Records)

Fiddler Waylon Thibodeaux calls his third Rabadash Records release his “blues CD,” something that label honcho and session pianist John Autin jokingly refers to as “blues with a Cajun accent.” It’s not the edgy smack-down that Thibodeaux’s pal and studio band harp howler Johnny Sansone would do, but that’s not meant to be an unfair comparison either. Nonetheless, there’s enough bluesy material throughout these ten tracks. Of Thibodeaux’s five originals, “Don’t You Make Me Put My Fiddle Down” is classic, slow-grinding blues with a good portion being the fiddler’s experimental pedal effects that mimic chirping seagulls and various cosmic forces of nature. “Our Life’s Another Old Blues Song” mixes swamp pop’s bluesy side with a romping backbeat and Sansone’s buzzsaw-cutting harmonica playing. For “I’m Stuck With The Blues Again,” Thibodeaux invented a catchy bass riff and then asked bass legend Benny Turner to guest on this insatiable groove-bound track.

Of the covers, any song from the late, great David Egan is always a good bet, and Thibodeaux does “Fail Fail Fail” serious justice. The rendition of J.J. Cale’s rollicking “River Boat Song” fits the proceedings perfectly while the throttling version of “Way Down South” dusts the Edgar Winter original in nothing flat. It can be argued whether the latter is really blues from a purist standpoint but rather than split hairs, the main takeaway is Thibodeaux’s swamp country boogie is always a ton of fun.