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The Amazing Nuns, Chicken Little Was Right (Independent)

Lafayette cult band the Amazing Nuns are practically a Hub City institution given their 17-year existence and 6-album discography. Ironically it wasn’t until 2014’s In Paradise that the Amazing Nuns […]

The Rayo Brothers, Victim & Villain (Nouveau Electric Records)

The Rayo Brothers’ third CD, Victim & Villain, released on Louis Michot’s Nouveau Electric Records and recorded at Dockside Studio with engineer Tony Daigle, should do a lot to keep […]

Old Riley and the Water, Biting Through (Independent)

Before succumbing to ALS, Lead Belly recorded an original “Old Riley” that refers to his protagonist walking on water while fleeing to freedom. Hence the inspirational namesake for guitarist Sean […]

Johnny Sonnier & Jimmy Breaux, A Tribute to Aldus Roger & More (Swallow Records)

On Johnny Sonnier’s first recording since 1992, he and Jimmy Breaux pay homage to the “King of the French Accordion” Aldus Roger, who led the Lafayette Playboys and starred on […]

Blake Miller & the Old Fashioned Aces, Quelle Belle Journée (Independent)

  A mixture of sugar, bitters, whiskey and a twist of citrus rind, the Old Fashioned is a potent cocktail you don’t want to overindulge in if you want to […]

Corey Ledet and His Zydeco Band, Accordion Dragon (Independent)

As explained on the opening Chinese-themed “Intro” track, the dragon symbolizes prosperity, auspicious power and good fortune in East Asian culture. When it comes to zydeco accordionists, Corey Ledet is […]

Various Artists, Travailler, C’est Trop Dur: The Lyrical Legacy of Caesar Vincent (Swallow Records)

About the time you’d think all of the discoveries in Cajun music had been made, along comes obscure balladeer Caesar Vincent (1882–1970) with his encyclopedic repertoire of ancient French songs. […]

My Music With fiddler David Greely

“I moved back to Louisiana about 1986–87. I had met Steve Riley and he used to sit in with me at lunch time at Mulate’s in Baton Rouge. We were offered […]

My Music: Chris Stafford of Feufollet

“I started with piano when I was super young. My mom realized I was interested in music so she put me in piano lessons. My teacher got frustrated with me because […]

Gal Holiday, “Lost & Found” (HTRP Music)

There’s a slight rebranding here, with the artist formerly known as Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue now simply billed as Gal Holiday. It’s an artistic shift, and other […]