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Rufus Jagneaux, ‘The Opelousas Sostan Collection’ (Jin Records)

Rufus Jagneaux etched its name in the annals of South Louisiana music with the 1971 hit “Opelousas Sostan,” written by bassist Benny Graeff. Though the joyful, easy-to-sing-along-with tune was its […]

Greg Speck, ‘Songs with Accordion, Bass and Percussion’ (GSM Records)

On his eclectic collaboration with jazz bassist Sam Albright and percussionist James Clark, accordionist Greg Speck temporarily steps away from the zydeco-centric sphere he’s long been associated with. But as […]

In memoriam: Ray Abshire (1951-2020)

While Mardi Gras revelries were still going full throttle or winding down on Tuesday, February 25, 2020, Cajun music was dealt a severe blow with the unexpected passing of Ray […]

Michael Doucet avec Lâcher Prise, Lâcher Prise (Compass Records)

BeauSoleil’s fiddlin’ frontman Michael Doucet admits he’s at the point in his life where he can do whatever the hell he wants, hence Lâcher Prise, an intriguing solo project with […]

Kevin Anthony & G-Town, Eh Ha Ha: A Tribute to the Original Cajun Fiddle of Harry Choates (Independent)

Given his defining rendition of “Jole Blon,” a national Top 10 hit in 1946, iconic swing fiddler Harry Choates will always be a patron saint of Cajun music. Decades later, […]

The Revelers, At the End of the River – Au bout de la riviére (Independent)

Save yourself some confusion. Don’t think of the Revelers as staunch proponents of any particular genre but rather a synthesis of South Louisiana styles that is uniquely its own. On […]

Beau Bayou & The Sabine Connection, True to My Roots (Independent)

It’s not often that a zydeco band is fronted by a high school football coach, but such is the case with Beau Bayou, whose every-day Clark Kent name is Brandon […]

GG Shinn, Live in Concert (Independent)

In 1992, the 10-piece, horn-powered, blue-eyed soul aggregation Bits & Pieces invited GG Shinn to be its marquee vocalist at the Lutcher Bonfire Festival, an annual community Yuletide celebration. Neither […]

Various Artists, Friends & Legends of Louisiana (L & M Star Productions)

Not a bad strategy to get your songs heard; enlist a few household name vocalists; surround them with a crack studio band and then watch the seeds germinate. Such is […]

Waylon Thibodeaux Here We Go Again (Rabadash Records)

Fiddler Waylon Thibodeaux calls his third Rabadash Records release his “blues CD,” something that label honcho and session pianist John Autin jokingly refers to as “blues with a Cajun accent.” […]