LVVRS premiere the video for "Cry For Me"

Acadiana pop rock band LVVRS releases new single “Cry for Me” and music video

LVVRS, the pop rock band from Acadiana, has come a long way since the band covered Bazzi’s “Mine” in 2018. A new single, “Cry for Me,” and its accompanying video are testament to the band’s evolution. 

“‘Mine’ was kind of a grand experiment for us,” said River Gibson, the band’s frontman. “We were still riding off the ‘Over You’ video’s wave when ‘Mine’ came out last year. That song and video allowed us to bide some time while we hunkered down in the studio, working on all new original material. ‘Cry for Me’ hits in ways some of the previous songs don’t. It sounds a little fresher and more grown-up, a little more like LVVRS. We’re really fleshing out our true musical identity to the world right now, and I think that with each song we record and release, everyone gets closer to finding out exactly what that is, who we are and where we fit into the grand scheme of things.”

“Cry for Me” marks the first of four singles to be released this year. “The music we have under the table right now…it’s very exciting,” said Gibson. “I can say with confidence that it only gets better and better from here.”

However, Gibson was reluctant to share any information about rumors regarding an EP or an album in the works. “In today’s streaming format, especially in the pop/rock genre, it’s not prudent to release a full-length record, not independently anyway,” Gibson continued. “It’s hard enough for an independent artist to capture someone’s attention online long enough to listen to a single track and share it, let alone listen to ten or 12 songs.” But, Gibson never rules out the possibility of a longer release.

As Gibson has cited Green Day as one of the band’s major influences, it’s not a far cry to picture LVVRS releasing something akin to the California pop-punk trio’s rock opera, American Idiot, sometime in the future. LVVRS fans will have more than enough to tie them over until then, though, with the band joining the rock band Pop Evil at Southport Hall (200 Monticello Ave.) for a performance on Sept. 10.

The video for “Cry for Me” shows the band singing and dancing in a desert landscape, with cuts of the band as silhouettes and Gibson buried up to his head interspersed throughout. “The song at its core is about a relationship with some major miscommunication issues. One in which none of the signals are connecting, and you’re left not even knowing how to feel,” said Gibson. “For the music video, our longtime collaborator and director Alexander Breaux captured that so beautifully by shipping us off to a desert-like scene in west Texas back in February. The concept compares looking for love and reciprocation in a relationship to searching for water in the desert, and that translated over to the screen so perfectly. We shot the video all on location at Enchanted Rock, and had an absolutely incredible time making it.”

Look for more singles from LVVRS in the upcoming months. Click here to read OffBeat‘s feature article on the band.