Photo of Big Freedia courtesy of @bigfreedia / Instagram

Big Freedia’s new single with Icona Pop is an absolute earworm

Big Freedia just released a single called “Louder,” featuring Icona Pop, that will be stuck in your head the moment you hear it. I’m actually sitting at my desk, writing up this article, full singing: “I’m screamin’ and screamin’ it louder. I got the, I got the power.”

Currently poised at #28 on the pop radio charts with her Ke$ha collab, “Raising Hell,” it looks like Big Freedia’s about to be in competition with herself. In “Louder,” Big Freedia is empowering, high-energy and she demands that you work for what you get. She’s always been a fighter, always been a force of positivity and change and chaos — but now she’s unleashing it all. She’s coming for her crown. “If you think that you’re on top it’s time to reevaluate. I’ve been bookin’ bitches left and right and I got shit to say.”

Big Freedia certainly does have shit to say. She’s been in films, she’s been on TV, she’s been on tour, she’s won awards, she’s written a memoir, she’s an interior designer. Big Freedia has collaborated with Beyonce, Galactic, RuPaul, Boyfriend and Drake. If she says “‘Louder’ is about feeling the power of your own voice [and that she’s] comin’ louder this year with [her] music game,” we all better brace ourselves for how loud it’s gonna get.

Watch the video above and add the track to your badass bitches playlist, somewhere right next to Missy Elliott and Lizzo. Trends may burn themselves out but I hope amazing artists making booty shaking music about loving yourself and speaking your mind are here to stay.