Buffa’s Gets the dB Blues

Buffa’s Bar and Restaurant has come down with a case of the “dB Blues” over the pending lawsuit brought against the bar by neighbor Sidney Torres IV.

dB Blues, Ruby Ross, OffBeat Magazine

In a new song written and recorded by regular Buffa’s performer Ruby Ross called “dB Blues,” Ross laments the ruckus caused by Torres’ lawsuit, which is seeking to revoke the bar’s mayoralty permit:

“I know that the city has limits
Which they tried to enforce out on Bourbon and can’t
But I guess that we pissed off the neighbors
And we never knew, we never knew”

Ross goes on to list some of her fellow Buffa’s regulars that she enjoys performing with before expressing her resolve to fight the lawsuit any way she can:

“But I won’t bite my tongue
And lay down my guitar
And give up on music
Here in the back bar
I’ll do what I can
To take up the cause
And if you’ll fight with me
Let’s hear some applause”

As for Torres himself, Ross would like him to return to his new home, or maybe somewhere farther away with hotter than average temperatures:

“So we’ll all go to court
And we’ll wish the bar well
And the neighbor in question
Can go straight to…. um, the Bahamas
And who cares if he’s rich
He won’t shut our doors
‘Cause we’ve got proof of music
From 1984”

Buffa’s is handing out free t-shirts to musicians who sign up to attend the Civil Court hearing on the issue on July 31, and non-musician patrons who want to buy a shirt to wear to the hearing can purchase one at a discount.

Check out the video for “dB Blues” below.