Charles Neville. Photo by Flickr user salva1745

Charles Neville Announces Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis And Fundraising Event

Aaron Neville, Charmaine Neville, Khalif Neville, Mitch Chakour and others will gather in Massachusetts to rally support for Charles Neville, who recently announced he is battling pancreatic cancer.

The contemporary jazz luminary and beloved Neville brother has yet to release a formal statement, but details about the February 3 tribute event have been released. The Academy of Music in Northampton, MA will host what’s being called an “unprecedented event” to support Charles Neville and his family “as they face a year of uncertainty, upheaval, and tremendous difficulty.” Proceeds from ticket sales will go “directly to a fund that will help offset medical costs and enable Charles to receive the best possible care,” which means that fans who won’t make it to the concert can still purchase a ticket and contribute tangible support to his cause.

“Celebrating Charles Neville” offers general admission tickets, donor seats and even an option to make a donation without the purchase of a ticket. For more information, please click here.

  • Cindy Chenevert

    My friend blessings upon you and your family! Cindy Baton Rouge