Cyril Neville: New Saints Song

In case you didn’t know, tomorrow is the biggest day of the year so far in New Orleans: the Saints host the Arizona Cardinals for the NFC divisional playoff game.

There have been a slew of Saints songs released all season, and just in time for the Saints’ first playoff game comes one from a heavy hitter: Cyril Neville. The song, “What You Think About Them Saints, They’re Too Damn Good”, is a classic carnival rave-up, with a chorus even catchier than the song’s title. Cyril sings lead, with his nephew co-producing and Norman Caesar arranging the track.

Neville’s wife, Gaynielle, wrote the song two years ago, the last time the Saints went to the playoffs, after we lost to the Chicago Bears in the 2006 NFC Championship game. This time around, the outcome is going to be much, much different. Especially now that DEUCE will have something to say about it.

Listen here:

  • Jim Patrick

    Who D'at.Cyril! Can't wait for the sequel, “The Saints go Marchin' to Miami!” JP

  • QueenG

    Actually Gaynielle Neville wrote the song two years ago when the Saints played the Chicago Bears in the playoffs with Norman Caesar as the arranger.

    • Thanks, Gaynielle! Fixed the information above.