Another Murder In New Orleans:
Dr. John and Bobby Rush Team Up
With Crimestoppers

Dr. John and Bobby Rush have teamed up to record a benefit song for Crimestoppers, the grassroots organization that aims to reduce violent crime in town. “Another Murder in New Orleans” is now available as a download on their website, and will get a release party, with both artists and many guests, at Generations Hall on September 11.


Dr. John

Unlike many benefit records, “Another Murder in New Orleans” is not only well intentioned, but a damn fine song: The Doctor is in the righteous-anger mode of his 1997 album The City That Care Forgot; and Rush’s voice and slide guitar add considerable grit. The names of the songwriters, Donald J. Markowitz and Carl Gustafson may not be household words, but Markowitz has a song you should know: He’s the co-writer of “I’ve had the Time of My Life,” the big hit by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

According to Crimestoppers president Darlene Cusanza, the writers originally brought the song to Rush who related to the lyrics, pulled Dr. John in for the recording and then brought the song to Crimestoppers. “Dr. John talked to us about what he’s seen in his lifetime, and how things have changed since they started in the industry,” she told us. “They’re asking local musicians to join forces with us, and rally in a way that other media can’t.”


Bobby Rush

Rush and Dr. John both talk about the song in a video released by Crimestoppers. “This is a statement of something that needs to be said,” Dr. John says. “The idea of people thinking that they’re a rat, a snitch or whatever—is a street thing that’s gone on for a long time. It ain’t the worst thing you can do and it may be the best thing you can do.” Rush adds an optimistic take: “I hope people from outside will look at New Orleans, see that we’re doing better, and cop what we do. I hope that this thing we’re doing now can enlighten someone, encourage someone to be kinder and to find another way of solving problems—without guns, without knives.”






The release party on Wednesday, September 11 takes place from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. at Generations Hall, and will include sets by Rush, Dr. John and romantic R&B singer Shelea, who was Stevie Wonder’s duet partner in a White House performance for Barack and Michelle Obama. There will also be guest appearances by a roll call of Louisiana musicians: Deacon John, Sunpie, Rockin’ Dopsie, James Andrews, Charmaine Neville and Fathers and Sons of the New Millennium. General admission tickets are $50 ($75 at the door) or $100 for a patron ticket including food and drinks. Tickets are available directly from Crimestoppers at 504-837-8477 or online via

Support Crimestoppers now by purchasing a download of Dr. John and Bobby Rush’s new single, “Another Murder In New Orleans” here.