Fan Funding: Michaela Harrison

New Orleans based vocalist Michaela Harrison has launched a GoFundMe campaign seeking support to fund a new jazz album and a trip to record and perform in Brazil with guitarist Marcio Pereira.

Michaela Harrison, by Jessi Arnold

Photo by Jessi Arnold

Harrison refers to her campaign as “The Creation Fund” because the new financial freedom it could provide would allow her to spend her time working on her several projects.

On her campaign page, Harrison posted ”I am basically seeking support to see me through this year as a working artist who has the time to create new work, do project-based travel, record, AND take care of sundry luxuries like dental work and health care without having to be stressed out about money.”

Harrison hopes to raise $25,000 to help her finish her premier album Love’s Divine, fund her trip to Brazil, create some high-quality music videos, and pay for the completion of her first album of all original music.

Supporters can donate anywhere between $1 and the full $25,000, and will receive regular updates on Harrison’ projects.

Harrison is not currently detailing rewards for different donation amounts but her campaign page explains that information on the rewards will be revealed in time.

Click here to pledge your support for the project