Jerry Jumonville. Photo courtesy of Facebook

Dr. John drummer Freddie Staehle and more to appear at fundraiser for Jerry Jumonville

Jerry Jumonville is a saxophonist whose work is perhaps best known for a solo on Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s the Night,” but it’s his connection to New Orleans music which led Buffa’s to host a fundraiser for him this week.

A collaborator of Dr. John, Jerry Jumonville took ill recently and is “facing an extended stay in the hospital with mounting bills,” according to a press release. As such, the local music community is rallying to raise money for his costs. Dr. John’s former drummer, Freddie Staehle, will be on hand for the fundraiser on Thursday, August 11. Special guests will play selections from Jerry’s charts and stopping by to make an appearance in support of their friend.

According to organizers of the fundraiser, the evening was originally intended to be a tribute to the birth of rock music in New Orleans, featuring Jumonville and Staehle. However, in the wake of his illness, Jumonville will be honored instead. The band will donate tips and Buffa’s will also chip in by contributing a part of the evening’s earnings. Donations will also be accepted on site or via PayPal here.

The fundraiser for Jerry Jumonville runs from 8 to 11 p.m.

  • Jumpin’ Jerry Jummonvile is one the unsung saxophone heros in New Orleans… There’s not one cat that shared a stage with him that didnt learn a thing or two from this gentleman.. Get well soon pal…there’s more swing to be swung.. ~ Johnny Angel bandleader, The Swingin’ Demons – NOLA

  • bugzapper

    If you’re in touch with Jerry please have him contact Musicares. They can probably help with the medical expenses.

    • Johnny Angel

      Thanks…I will…