Leroy Jones performing at French Quarter Fest in 2016. Photo by Noe Cugny

Leroy Jones film wins Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities award

A Man And His Trumpet: The Leroy Jones Story, the Cameron Washington-directed documentary film following the journey of Leroy Jones, will be the recipient of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Award For Documentary Film for 2019.

Also shot and edited by the San Francisco filmmaker, the film is the culmination of a three-year period in which Jones shares his life story, beginning with his childhood in New Orleans’ 7th ward housing projects. The film also covers the work he did in leading the brass-band revival of the 1970s, the creation  of the Fairview Baptist Church Band, and the Hurricane Brass Band. Also prominently featured in the film is Jones’ extensive work as Harry Connick Jr.’s solo trumpeter. The film features interviews with Leroy Jones, Harry Connick Jr., Terence Blanchard, Katja Toivola, Herlin Riley and Gregg Stafford.

The awards ceremony for the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities will take place in Lafayette on April 4. Cameron Washington and Leroy Jones will be in attendance at the awards ceremony.

Follow the Leroy Jones Story at the film’s official website.