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NOLA Pay It Forward Fund Reactivated in Response to Louisiana Floods

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu has reactivated the city’s NOLA Pay It Forward Fund in response to the ongoing floods across Louisiana. While the seemingly endless rains haven’t posed much of threat to New Orleans itself, the floodwaters have done incalculable damage across large swaths of the state, forcing thousands of people to evacuate and leaving many of them homeless. It’s a tragedy that has left an unknown number of people dead, and it doesn’t look like the waters will be receding for some time.

For many people in the New Orleans area, the flooding is a dire situation reminiscent of their own experiences with Hurricane Katrina. As Landrieu noted in a Facebook post, those experiences are the impetus behind the NOLA Pay It Forward Fund.

“Today, we reactivated the ‪#‎NOLA‬ Pay It Forward Fund in partnership with the Greater New Orleans Foundation for New Orleanians to contribute to early flooding recovery efforts for other parts of northern and southern Louisiana,” Landrieu wrote. “The people of New Orleans know what it’s like to suffer through a disaster. We remember all of those who helped us when we needed it most, and through this fund, we hope to pay it forward to other communities that are starting to recover and rebuild.”

The NOLA Pay It Forward Fund was launched was originally launched in 2011 as a response to the Mississippi River floods that took place that year. The fund has been reactivated on a few occasions since then, including earlier this year when it was revived to help with the March floods in Louisiana.

People in the New Orleans area that would like to assist in the ongoing flood relief efforts have a number of options at this time. WWLTV has compiled a list of aid drop-off locations throughout the metro area, and those that would like to volunteer can sign up at

The American Red Cross is also taking monetary donations, as are Second Harvest Food BankUnited Way, Convoy of Hope and the Salvation Army.

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    There’s a GoFundMe page for 91-year-old piano legend Henry Gray, who, according to reports, lost everything when his home in BR flooded. Here’s the link.