Best of the B-EAT: Check out the food vendors at OffBeat’s music awards

OffBeat’s Best of the Beat Awards will honor and showcase the best musicians in the city! There will be performances by GRAMMY-nominated Sean Ardoin and Cha Wa, as well as Iceman Special, swamp pop greats Gregg Martinez & the Delta Kings with special guest T.K. Hulin, Water Seed, Nesby Phips, and a Tribute to Walter “Wolfman” Washington featuring the Roadmasters, Steve Mignano, David Torkanowsky, Erica Falls and many more!

This annual party wouldn’t be complete without a line-up of delicious eats. Over 20 local restaurants will be serving up food so good it makes you dance. Can I get a roll call?

Jeff Carreras, Tracey’s

Tracey’s mission statement: “To cancel the Super Bowl.”

Tracey’s in 3 words: “Best. Roast. Beef.”

Dat’s a fact: “Tracey’s was a brothel back in the day. Pool hall downstairs, brothel upstairs.”

Food so good it makes you dance: “Roast Beef Po’Boy!”

Shane Finkelstein, Nacho Mama’s Mexican Grill

Photo courtesy of @nachomamasmexicangrill / Instagram

Photo courtesy of @nachomamasmexicangrill / Instagram

Mission: “To serve fresh, affordable and healthy Mexican food in a friendly neighborhood restaurant.”

3 words: “Fresh, fun, and funky.”

Dat’s a fact: “The name Nacho Mama’s comes from an old Laugh-In joke about a restaurant that combines Mexican and soul food.”

Food that makes you dance: “Tacos, of course.”

Linda Green, Chef Linda The Ya- Ka- Mein Lady

Mission: “To feed people all over the world! I love what I do. It’s my livelihood.”

3 words: “Delicious, fantastic, hangover food!”

Dat’s a fact: “I’m always on the go and busy but I like to have some me time. Quality time with myself.”

Food that makes you dance: “Ya-Ka- Mein! It makes me shout!”

Tom Pulsinelli, Warbucks

Mission: “Warbucks is an ultra-magnetic neighborhood restaurant that mixes technique and creativity in equal measure. Warbucks is the brainchild of Executive Chef Todd Pulsinelli. Here, Chef Pulsinelli takes the commitment to quality and the techniques of a fine-dining restaurant and reinterprets them for a playful and laidback environment with a casual selection of small plates, sandwiches, and salads.”

3 words: “Bright, fun, and tasty.”

Dat’s a fact: “The mural in the front is the chef/owners son, rocking a gold chain and looking tough. It’s based off an actual photo and had to be included in the design of Warbucks.”

Food that makes you dance: “Our new chilli crunch brussel sprouts.”

Lisa, Southern Candymakers

Mission: “Our mission is to provide the freshest and best-tasting candies and confections along with superior customer service and support. Our customers experience a positive and professional service from our staff, as well as delicious candies for their family, friends, and clients. Our goal is to make every visit better than the last.”

3 words: “Best, creamy, pralines!”

Dat’s a fact: “The owners, Dana and Robert Tompkins are retired Tulane professors, started Southern Candymakers 28 years ago because they felt there was a need for old-fashioned, homemade candy that was always fresh and always delicious.”

Food that makes you dance: “Shrimp and grits bring out the dancing in me. Add a few drops of hot sauce and I’m set! It’s such a festival food and music is usually not too far away. Cue the dancing.”

Daniel Jackson, Piece of Meat

Photo courtesy of @pieceofmeatbucher / Instagram

Photo courtesy of @pieceofmeatbucher / Instagram

Mission: “To build a community and food culture oriented toward small farms, small businesses, and small batches through old world techniques & new school chutzpah.”

3 words: “Neighborhood butcher shop.”

Dat’s a fact: “I used to be a glassblower.”

Food that makes you dance: “Mom’s peach pie and Planters Cheez Curls.”

Nicolas Bazan, Little Gem Saloon

Mission: “Exceed guests expectations.”

3 words: “Jazz, history, and food.”

Dat’s a fact: “The Little Gem is the only bar or saloon that the Archbishop of New Orleans has ever blessed.”

Food that makes you dance: “My wife Cheryl’s BBQ pork shoulder with coleslaw. It makes me boogie!”

Byron Bradley, Mardi Gras School of Cooking

Mission: “To share the appreciation of the uniqueness of Cajun and Creole Cuisine.”

3 words: “Fun, informative, and delicious.”

Dat’s a fact: “I skateboard often.”

Food that makes you dance: “Barbecue shrimp.”

Keonna Thornton, Tee Eva’s Pralines

Mission: “We strive for quality pralines and pies at affordable prices. Great customer service and providing worldwide access to our products is important to us. We bring joy to tastebuds!”

3 words: “Sweet. Joyous. Pleasurable.”

Dat’s a fact:”I love walking along uptown when a second line is in progress.”

Food that makes you dance: “Grilled steak.”

Photo courtesy of @vegan_with_a_twist / Instagram

Photo courtesy of @vegan_with_a_twist / Instagram

Roy Joseph III, Vegan Wit A Twist

Mission: “Everyone around the world hears how great New Orleans food is, we are here so everyone can experience the same great New Orleans food in a healthier way.”

3 words: “De li cious.”

Dat’s a fact: “We all feel like the refs cheated us out a Super Bowl.”

Food that makes you dance: “Our vegan hot sausage burger.”

Other food vendors include: Breaux Mart, Briquette, Gumbo Shop, Three Muses, Bao and Noodle, Chef Emile Custom Catering, Nirvana, Central City BBQ, Mid City Pizza, Boil, and more!

Don’t be the one who missed the party! Buy your tickets to Best of the Beat here.

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