Sean Ardoin. Photo by Zack Smith

GRAMMY-nominated Sean Ardoin tells critics to “Kick Rocks” (Premiere)

“As a constant self-assessor and observer, you have to recognize trends. You have to ask how you can break through the rigid assumptions and get to the point where they will listen to you, so that you regain control of the narrative,” says GRAMMY-nominated Sean Ardoin.

The fourth-generation “Creole accordion whiz” released Kreole Rock and Soul earlier this year, an album which earned the Louisiana native a GRAMMY nomination for Best Regional Roots Music Album. The nod makes him a two-time nominee and a pre-eminent force in today’s zydeco scene. The album is also a sign of his continued effort to push beyond the confines of what folks think traditional creole music should sound like.

“Generally the industry and people who discover Creole music want to keep it in a box. I had to jump out of the traditional box and create a new thing,” he says of  Kreole Rock and Soul. ” I grew up listening to all sorts of music, from Earth Wind and Fire and Kiss to Fishbone and Bob Marley, as well as the old-school music. As a guardian of the Creole culture, I will always point back to Louisiana, but I’m going to stop at other places, too.”

Today (December 20), Ardoin premieres for the album’s “Kick Rocks.” It’s a high-octane number whose central theme is “I gotta be me.”

On January 31, Sean Ardoin will perform alongside fellow GRAMMY nominees Cha Wa at OffBeat’s Best of the Beat Awards party. Also performing are Water Seed, Nesby Phips, Gregg Martinez & The Delta Kings and more. Get your tickets here!