StubHub Donates $1 to Roots of Music Per View for Watching Video

In the current episode of OffBeat’s Look-Ka Py Py Podcast, Roots of Music co-founder Derrick Tabb tells of the non-profit music education’s marching band’s journey to Pasadena, California to march in the prestigious Rose Bowl Parade, a feat which required the organization to raise $300,000.00 to complete. Today, the StubHub Foundation, the non-profit arm of the eBay-owned online ticket marketplace, made the Roots of Music the recipient of its Rising Stars Program’s first charitable endeavor, pledging $50,000.00 to the RoM as well as an additional $1.00 for every view the video embedded below receives (up to 50,000 views) between now and the Super Bowl (February 3).

As the video illustrates, aside from the free music education and instruments the RoM provides its attendees, it also provides them with academic tutoring and mentoring services, meals and transportation. More importantly, as Tabb, fellow co-founder Allison Reinhardt, musician/activist Ani DiFranco and Treme cast members Clarke Peters and Wendell Pierce point out, the program provides New Orleans children with a simulating, rewarding and challenging environment that not only enriches their lives but also provides them with a safe, positive alternative to the streets, which, in turn, enriches the community. For a deeper, more compelling look at this inspirational and innovative program, as well as to support its mission, press play: