“Treme” in the News

The upcoming HBO series Treme hasn’t suffered from a lack of attention, although it premieres April 11. We have a story on it this month, and a story on it is the cover of last week’s Village Voice. Unfortunately, the untimely death of writer/co-executive producer David Mills has dominated recent coverage:

Vanity Fair promptly picked up the story, and The Times-Picayune offered sparce details and part of an interview with Mills a day after he collapsed on-set at Café du Monde. The Onion’s A.V. Club eulogized Mills Wednesday morning.
In other Treme coverage:

The Huffington Post asserted Treme’s potential significance on the world’s perception of New Orleans culture.

The Guardian featured Treme and its trailer in its Media Monkey blog.

The Independent picked up on the Treme hype, basing its high expectations on the show’s choice writers, actors, and musicians.

New York Times Magazine featured an in-depth article on Treme, praising its creative team and lauding creator David Simon as “the HBO auteur.”

Variety published an obituary on the recently deceased drummer and actor Bunchy Johnson, a local favorite will be featured on Treme.

NPR Music laid bare its excitement over Treme, gushing “We can’t wait.”
The Baltimore Sun‘s David Zurawik offered a rave review of Treme‘s pilot episode, stating on more than one occasion that he was simply “blown away.”
Back of Town blogs on everything Treme on a near-daily basis.

The Times-Picayune reports on inconveniences incurred by some locals when Treme production crews swarm their neighborhood.

Novelist Poppy Z. Bright does not mince words when addressing the Treme crew and its impact on her neighborhood: “F— you sideways with a chainsaw,” she says.

Imperfectly Vertical worries the attention garnered by Treme will flood the town with “hipsters … from New York and LA” and dilute local culture.