Trombone Shorty Did the Adult Voices for the Peanuts Movie

Troy Andrews, aka Trombone Shorty, just doesn’t stop. Whether he’s touring the globe with his band Orleans Avenue, acting in Treme, organizing a music education non profit or hanging out at the White House, Andrews is always on the move.

Trombone Shorty, Lollapalooza 2014, Josh Brasted, OffBeat MagazineNow the news has dropped that Trombone Shorty’s talents are being utilized for a new endeavor–voice acting. Well, sort of.

Mashable reports that the creators of the forthcoming, 3D-animated Peanuts movie tapped Trombone Shorty to create the iconic “wah wah” voices of the film’s (and classic TV specials’) adult characters.

According to the publication, the original TV show also used a trombonist to create the memorable effect, which was used to signify the blabbering of the off-screen grown ups. Evidently, a trombonist was brought in by composer Vince Guaraldi after producer Lee Mendelson asked if he knew of an instrument that could be used to “emulate what an adult might sound like to a kid.”

Shorty’s contribution is being used for the Peanuts movie’s promotional drive as well. The people behind the film have launched The Wah Wah Machine, a website that allows you to translate any word or phrase into the mysterious “wah wah” language.

In related news, Trombone Shorty will head to Basel, Switzerland on November 3 before joining the Foo Fighters as the supporting act for their European run.