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I spent a week trying to organize thoughts on Voodoo, generally along the lines of costume/production/show biz vs. something more grounded/musical/”honest”, and that’s a subtext that’s hard to ignore when […]

Nearly the Best?

Da Capo Books’ Best Music Writing 2009, edited by Greil Marcus, just came out and OffBeat found itself mentioned if not featured in the book. In the list of “Other […]

What is a CD?

I’ve often busted local bands for making albums that are too long, often treating the CD as place to store a bunch of songs instead of creating a coherent statement. […]

Free Fela

Knitting Factory Records is about to undergo a massive reissue campaign, re-releasing the entire Fela catalogue. There are Fela-related celebrations – DJ nights, really, as best as I can tell […]

On the Eve of Katrina’s Anniversary

Harry Shearer’s keynote address at the Rising Tide bloggers conference Saturday was a sobering one. “We’ve lost the media war,” he said, speaking of New Orleans and the way Katrina’s […]

One Caveat

One concern after this mornings culture panel at the Rising Tide 4 bloggers conference: How many bloggers will treat what they heard as gospel, and how many will do additional […]

My Penance

  Last week, I took a drubbing for considering what the obits for Willy DeVille might say about him and his art – not because I was necessarily wrong, but […]

A Good Use of Social Media

  Usually, I run Seesmic in the background while working, so my Facebook and Twitter feeds come up in one window that I can see easily and pay attention to […]

Sad and Curious

  Long-time New Orleans resident Willy DeVille died last week of pancreatic cancer. He led a fairly low-key life here, and never integrated himself in a public way into the New Orleans music […]

Too Friendly, to be Kind

  Today I found this story at NOLA.com: W French Quarter hosts a post Dirty Linen Night patrons Saturday from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. The event will feature music, […]