Look-Ka Py Py Podcast (ep 54): Katey Red and Rusty Lazer, Bounce-side Out

“Bounce is so much more in New Orleans than people give it credit for… We don’t dance to it because it’s a good song or this or that. People dance to it because they can’t help it,” says DJ Rusy Lazer in this weeks edition of OffBeat’s Look-Ka Py Py Podcast. Queen diva Katey Red, whose career as a bounce artist nears its fifteenth year anniversary, is quick to second her DJ’s message. In recent years — and even more so, in recent weeks thanks to Miley Cyrus’ unfortunate twerking fiasco — the local rap sub-genre pioneered by emcees such as DJ Jubilee, Ricky B and Cheeky Blakk in the early 90s has gone on to garner quite a bit of notoriety as well as its fair share of fans and critics. Still collectively, the tandem feels that the public at large is more open to bounce’s subversive call-and-response chants, jitters, jerks, quirks and, yes, twerks outside of the Crescent City than it has ever been before.

Katey Red, podcast photo

“That’s my whole focus: [to] get bounce out there more. That’s why I came up with my Dream Team,” says Red referring a bounce troupe (which often includes fellow rappers Big Freedia, Sissy Nobby and Nicky Da B) that she calls into action for occasional gigs and tours. In just a week, Red and Rusty will appear in Fuse TV’s Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, an online reality series that follows Big Freedia’s comings and goings, from the Big Easy’s streets to Brazil’s. The series is sure to test the public’s taste as well as bounce’s boundaries, critically and commercially. As for Katey Red and Rusty Lazer, they’ve got quite a few stories for you. Tune in below to hear ’em…