Look-Ka Py Py Podcast (ep 58): Dash Rip Rock’s Bill Davis, Soaking in Shaver

Nearly 30 years ago singer/guitarist Bill Davis founded Dash Rip Rock and found his calling: trouble. Since, he and his band of DIY degenerates have barreled ahead full-bore, blowing off trends and flipping off those too tame take a hint… or scared to swallow the truth. Forging a sound that draws as much from the Mekons as it does Merle Haggard, Dash Rip Rock’s down-home roots and defiant spirit has steered it as well as Davis’ path.

Dash Rip Rock, Bill Davis, podcast photo

For its latest album, Dash Does Shaver, the cowpunk provocateurs pay tribute to 74-year-old outlaw country pioneer Billy Joe Shaver, a legendary hard-ass best known for riding roughshod with Willie and Waylon in the ‘70s and never serving a day for shooting a man in the face in ‘07. The album contains 13 choice Shaver cuts and one Dash dime, the flippant farewell “Get the Fuck Out.” Tune in below to hear Davis tell how this project took shape…