• Jim Dumas

    Kermit's last album, Livin' A Treme Life, was quite good and had a fresh quality to it. I'm interested to see what Kermit does on the new record now that he's finally receiving some well-deserved recognition from the rest of the world.

  • Nmarcon

    love me some kermit ruffins! new orleans all the way!

  • judy calvin

    All aboard be first to download.Congrats to all involved,Kermit is killer.Stunning album cover.

  • Theredtrumpet

    just checked out the new track and loved it 'it's KERMIT'!!!!!!!!

  • Wladybugw

    Love me some Kermit…can't wait for the new CD…

  • Dancingman504*****

    Big fan of Kermit and love dancing to dance to the sounds of him and The BBQ Swingers* 🙂 Dancingman504*****

  • CB

    Beautiful New Orleans swing. Will be in the city tomorrow with my band on Bourbon St.. Hope to catch Kermit while there.