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Dave Easley, A Time of the Signs (Independent)

Dave Easley is one of the city’s—if not the world’s—most amazing guitarists, with a concentration in pedal steel. You’d assume he’d be first in line for the world’s best gigs, and he does in fact play Swiss festivals. Then again, he also plays the Crazy Lobster restaurant on the Riverwalk. In forward-thinking groups such as [...]

The Illuminasti Trio Becomes 3Now6 Tonight

James Singleton formed the Illuminasti Trio with saxophonist Skerik and percussionist Mike Dillon after Hurricane Katrina. “It was very informal, just improvising,” he says. “We discovered a great common ground for our improvisations and took it from there.” The Illuminasti Orchestra, which descended from the original trio, will perform tonight at 9 p.m. at the [...]