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YouTube du Jour: Go-Go Swing Documentary

When Chuck Brown died on May 16 this year, it marked not only the loss of a great musician, but the rare passing of a cultural founding father. Brown is credited with creating and popularizing go-go, a subgenre of funk music that, despite ups and downs in national and worldwide popularity, has remained a potent [...]

Chuck Brown on the Birth of Go-Go

[Updated] Wednesday, Chuck Brown, the godfather of go-go, passed away. Here’s an interview I conducted with him in 2009 in advance of his appearance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. We started by talking about his most recent album at the time, We’re About the Business.   Why did you decide to record [...]

Treme Brings Go-Go to New Orleans for Battle of the Bands

“We understand that anything that comes to New Orleans musically is an underdog.” David Simon is talking about the upcoming Treme vs. The Wire Battle of the Bands, produced by Blown Deadline, the production company that is responsible for both shows. On Friday night, it is bringing Baltimore jazz pianist Lafayette Gilchrist with the New [...]

Jazz Fest Focus: Chuck Brown

For many, Trouble Funk’s 1982 album Drop the Bomb was their introduction to Washington, D.C.’s homegrown funk, which was dubbed go-go. Others discovered it when E.U.’s “Da Bump” appeared on the soundtrack to Spike Lee’s School Daze in 1987. Instead of entering the musical mainstream, go-go, like New Orleans funk, remained a regional thing. Chuck [...]