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Tales of the Cocktail: Not Just Booze

Isn’t the difference between a “cocktail scene” and run-of-the-mill alcoholism simply a matter of whether one is getting drunk while sitting in a circle and chatting, or facing forward at the bar, speaking to no one but an empty glass? Isn’t a “cocktail enthusiast” simply, as The Onion once put it, “like a chocoholic, but [...]

Herbsaint Melodic Mixology Competition: Sing for Your Sipper

If you have a song in your heart and a drink up your sleeve, OffBeat and Herbsaint are looking for you. We’re sponsoring the first annual Melodic Mixology competition—the search for the best musically inspired cocktail. New Orleans area bartenders and mixologists are invited to develop an original cocktail inspired by a New Orleans song [...]

Sal Geloso: From Street to Stage to Street

Salvatore Geloso, a finalist for Rolling Stone’s “Street to Stage” competition, shrugged when some of the magazine’s cameramen asked for information. The word that best describes his encounter is probably unsuspecting. After all, this is a guy who loves to serenade people in the street for the hell of it (and a little tip money). [...]