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Dwight Fitch, Jr., For Those Who Believe (Crucified 2:20 Music)

The Fitch family name is renowned in the New Orleans gospel community. Dwight Fitch Jr., the son of gospel’s dynamic duo Connie and Dwight, carries on the tradition of excellence. Like his parents, the vocalist, keyboardist and composer also enjoys a standing in the secular world of music. As the title of the CD indicates, [...]

New Jazz School Auditions Saturday

The proliferation of free music education programs is one of the healthiest post-Katrina developments. One, the New Jazz School, starts its fourth year June 7 at Isidore Newman School. Donald Harrison, Jr. is the director, and Christian Scott, Jesse McBride, Detroit Brooks and David Pulphus are on the educational staff. The program teaches vocals, brass, [...]

Larry Ankrum, Without Reasons (Forasound)

In 2008, saxophonist Larry Ankrum felt the urge to record again. It had been 16 years since the release of his debut album, It Cannot Be Exhausted by Use, and over six since collaborating with New Orleans trombonist Jeff Albert in the Albert- Ankrum Project. The seasoned musician and world traveler also felt compelled to [...]

The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, Book One (Harmonia Mundi)

Irvin Mayfield’s musical career has been occluded by his personality, which has distracted critics from his strengths as a conceptualist and organizer adept at surrounding himself with exceptional talent. Mayfield has been overshadowed on the local depth chart by some legendary older trumpeters, and though he has never been shy about his ability, at this [...]

Jesse McBride, Jesse McBride presents the Next Generation (AFO)

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently ruminating on the nature of traditional New Orleans jazz and the extremely subtle differences between the approaches taken by its continued practitioners. Early jazz pretty much grew along a trajectory set by its greatest improvisers, most notably Louis Armstrong, until World War II, when wartime rationing and [...]