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Jazz Fest: Day 2 – Mr. Davis, Tear Down that Gate

Typically, when civic officials dress down, it’s more awkward than when they’re in their suits in non-suit venues. Yesterday, Mayor Mitch Landrieu made it work with a black “Our City […]

Jazz Fest Notes: Jeff Beck

In preparation for his Jazz Fest appearance, Jeff Beck (Apr. 29, 3:20 p.m., Acura Stage) will perform on American Idol this Wednesday, April 6. He’ll perform a song with the […]

Love You Guys!

As most of you know, we just wrapped up our 2010 Best of the Beat Awards on Friday night. When the awards started, the one thing we really wanted to […]

Handicapping the Hall

Yesterday, the nominees for this year’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were announced and I announced who I think should be in – Dr. John, Alice […]

The Endless Whine

When I was on the Faculty Senate at Delgado, one thing I could count on every semester was dissatisfaction with parking. Regardless of the efforts made to improve parking for […]

Stars Celebrate Bobby Charles

When Bobby Charles passed away last January, friends quietly worried that didn’t seem to be any musical tributes to the Louisiana songwriting legend forthcoming. A few months later, they finally […]

More Fun with Dr. John

  In a statement released Wednesday, Dr. John clarified his position regarding Shell, Jazz Fest and the wetlands. In it, he said: “I’ve got to figure some kind of way […]

How to Make a Problem Go Away, Pt. 2,548

  [UPDATE BELOW] Belyin pointed me to this exchange regarding Dr. John’s pro-wetland/anti-Shell email and video. It’s fascinating but sad to watch the catalogue of responses to the awkward problem […]

Mac on Shell

  Dr. John doesn’t shy away from pointing the finger at Jazz Fest’s corporate sponsor, Shell, on this YouTube video. He looks asleep for much of the video, and it’s […]

Dr. John Sounds Off in Toronto

In the Toronto Star, Greg Quill quotes Dr. John as saying: “I’ll be very blunt,” he says. “At the municipal level, the city fathers, the mayor and the local politicians […]