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The Curmudgeon and the Millennial

I admit it. I’m becoming a curmudgeon. But I love having a business where I can get the opportunity to work with and get the opinions of people who are […]

A collapsed balcony showcases a bigger problem

Yesterday, the balcony on a building located in the historic French Quarter at 808 Royal Street suddenly, partially collapsed. There was obvious damage to the gas piping and plumbing, and […]

Music Bubble

I’ll bet that if you read OffBeat and this blog that you tend to live in what I call “the music bubble.” We are the people who love local music, […]

Being afraid in my home town

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to several countries overseas, and it always is fascinating to observe the differences in the way of life and in the cultures of the […]

Noise lawsuit against the 544 Club squashed

The noise lawsuit against the 544 Club in the French Quarter didn’t make muster. This suit is important because it’s the tip of the iceberg of the mass of lawsuits […]

Cyberstalking and noise abatement

Today’s newspaper ran a brief article that reported that “noise” opponent and lawyer Stuart Smith pleaded guilty to a cyberstalking charge and was given a one-year suspended sentence, and two […]

Information Geek Finds New Music Where?

I’m sort of an information geek, always have been. My mother used to call me a walking encyclopedia of useless information, because I love facts. In fact, I used to […]

We’re All In This Together

It’s that time of year again. I sincerely hope that when this issue of OffBeat hits the street—scheduled for August 28—it will end up in your hands on the day […]

Southern Decadent Culture and Lifestyle

How much thought do you give to your “culture and lifestyle”? Probably not that much, I would imagine. But the fact is that there are a lot of different kinds […]

Survey says trad jazz

For the past couple of months, OffBeat has posted a survey on our website, just to get an idea of what our readers like, their opinions on political matters related […]