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The Flaming Lips’ Guinness World Record-Breaking Concert: Photos

Thursday night, the Flaming Lips played a rare non-festival show in New Orleans at House of Blues. The concert was the last of eight shows, starting in Memphis, on a day-long mini tour that broke the Guinness World Record for most concerts played in a 24-hour period. The tour was in conjunction with MTV’s O [...]

The Flaming Lips Break Guinness World Record in House of Blues

Congratulations, Guinness Book of World Records, you almost killed the Flaming Lips. Eight gigs, 24 hours, eight cities, 699 miles—those are nightmarish numbers for a band and crew to execute. Someone could have had a heart attack. Last night, the Flaming Lips broke the record for most gigs played in a 24-hour period across multiple [...]

Flaming Lips to Finish Record-Breaking O Awards Tour in New Orleans

The Flaming Lips have a long day ahead of them. In an eight-performance tour that will begin on June 27 in Memphis, the Flaming Lips will take on Jay-Z’s Guinness World Record for most performances given in a 24-hour period, a title Jay-Z earned in 2006 with his “The Hangar Tour”. If the band survives [...]