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Parading Club Bands

Playing music in a parade looks like fun, but while it is, it’s also hard, sometimes thankless work. OffBeat spoke with members of four nightclub bands who, during Mardi Gras, transform into street bands. Sue Ford fronts Mardi Gras’ first rock band, Pink Slip, once an all-woman group that now includes her husband, drummer Jimmy [...]

YouTube du Jour: Duane Eddy

Tonight, the Ponderosa Stomp weekend begins with Sammy Ridgely, Eddie Gabriel and the Lonely Knights at Euclid Records at 5 p.m., Henry Gray at the Ogden Museum‘s Ogden After Hours at 6 p.m., the Hip Drop 45s sock hop at d.b.a. at 10 p.m. and Mike Hurtt and his Haunted Hearts at Mimi’s at 11. Guitar great [...]

The Ponderosa Stomp at Nine

[UPDATED] In its nine-year evolution, the Ponderosa Stomp has become important in more ways than just celebrating the largely unsung architects of rock ’n’ roll. The event that returns to House of Blues September 24-25 began as Stomp creator Ira “Dr. Ike” Padnos’ elaborate wedding party morphed into a wild bowling alley get-down before becoming [...]

The Royal Pendletons

“One thing that really bothers me that I always hear in these, quote, histories of rock & roll is that from ’59 to ’64 rock & roll died.” Like a roller-coaster at apex, Michael Hurtt, guitarist, vocalist and indefatigable mouthpiece of the Royal Pendletons, is about to hurtle into another issue. If Hurtt were a [...]