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How Coco Robicheaux Turned Up in Dr. John’s “Splinters”

In 2008, writer/musician Ned Sublette interviewed the late Coco Robicheaux for Bomb Magazine. In it, he speculates on how Dr. John came to sing Coco’s name in “I Walk on […]

The Smoking Tripod?

[Updated] A quick addition to the Odd Future story. Amy Harris – one of the photographers’ whose camera was struck by Left Brain – was interviewed by MusicPix.net. You can […]

Voodoo: The Morning (+1) After

This year’s Voodoo came as close as it ever has yet to realizing the idea of integrating the larger rock/pop world with New Orleans music. While some missed the firepower […]


What would Keith say? Today in The Times-Picayune, Keith Spera bemoaned the kid-unfriendly nature of Snoop Dogg and Odd Future at Voodoo. Response A: Well, yeah. And…? Response B: Do […]

Voodoo Experience News: Major Lazer, Mastodon, Snoop Dogg, Blink-182

Major Lazer (Friday, October 28, 6 p.m., Le Plur Stage) has done a ska-heavy remix of “Keep It Goin’ Louder”: To help you appreciate the remix, here’s the video for […]

Virtual Voodoo

[Updated] This year, the Voodoo Experience alternately engaged and enraged fans as its trickled out its talent lineup an artist at a time via Twitter. Starting this morning, the festival’s […]

Voodoo Experience News: Mastodon, A-Trak, Snoop Dogg, GIVERS

Heavy rock band Mastodon will play The Voodoo Experience on Saturday, October 29. Its new album, The Hunter, is due out Tuesday, but the band has made the whole record […]

A Long Look Ahead

Coachella takes place in California April 15-17, a mere six months before Voodoo, but it’s the start of the festival season and is a hint as to who’ll be working […]

Not Amused?

[UPDATED] Conventional wisdom has been that festivals need older bands from the last days of the monoculture to draw an audience. This year’s Coachella suggested that the tide is turning, […]

Voodoo Notebook dump, day three:

I waited until the Saints managed to not lose a game that should never have been close before going out to Voodoo Sunday. The hot day matched with people dressed […]