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‘Tis the Season: Erin McKeown Gives Christmas the Finger

Shake a Christmas tree and a Christmas carol falls out. You’ve got to work a little harder, but there are also anti-Christmas songs as well. Indie folk artist Erin McKeown […]


What would Keith say? Today in The Times-Picayune, Keith Spera bemoaned the kid-unfriendly nature of Snoop Dogg and Odd Future at Voodoo. Response A: Well, yeah. And…? Response B: Do […]

Mimickry in the Spirit of the Season

Last night, our lack of memory of Will Farrell movies cost us the win at 45 Tchoup’s Monday night trivia, but I’m not holding it against him. In the spirit […]

A Christmas Lesson

Today I ran across this: I waited with great anticipation for Not So Silent Night: Christmas with REO Speedwagon because I thought “this is it, this is gonna rock the Yuletide.” But […]

Too Soon?

This time every year, someone writes a blog post similar to this: But I was a bit shocked to hear Christmas music over the store intercom.  A Christmas tune by […]

Finally, No Coal

Last week I documented the grim results of trying to download free Christmas music from Amazon.com’s 25 Days of Free promotion. I just checked and things haven’t improved much, but […]

Get What You Pay For?

Amazon.com has its 25 Days of Free promotion, making available a new song each day for download. Here’s the scorecard so far: Dec. 1: “Joy to the World” by Casting […]

Bob on Bob

In the new issue, I reviewed Bob Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart, which I think has received a lot of cheap negative reviews based on the simple premise that it’s […]

Hall Decking 101

The lineup for this year’s free Christmas concerts in the St. Louis Cathedral was announced this morning. The show start at 6 p.m. and, because of the venue, feature spirituals […]