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The Revivalists Kick Off the Road to Voodoo at One Eyed Jacks

As Bud-Light hats and wristbands were strewn about the audience at One Eyed Jacks Friday, the countdown to the Voodoo Experience had officially begun, and the Revivalists were there to kick off the party. The show was the first of a series of “Road to Voodoo” concerts that will be held in coming months to [...]

Jazz Fest: Musicians Make Three Must-See Picks

For this year’s Jazz Fest, we had a slew of Festival veterans tell us what three artists they’re most looking forward to watching at the Fair Grounds: Jazz Fest producer Quint Davis, percussionist Mike DillonMike Dillon, trumpeter Leroy Jones, fiddler/singer Louis Michot, singer/trumpeter K.C. O’Rorke, guitarist Renard Poche, singer/guitarist John Michael Rouchell, singer/guitarist David Shaw, [...]

The Revivalists, City of Sound (Independent)

The Revivalists seem to be the next up-and-coming rock ‘n’ roll band from the Crescent City. Their live shows have an inviting energy, and they have a new recording, City of Sound, that combines the energy of their concerts with studio touches courtesy of the band and producer Ben Ellman (Galactic, Trombone Shorty, Gypsyphonic Disko, [...]

The Revivalists: Cosmic Things

David Shaw laughs into the camera, and points to his New York Yankees ski hat. “Yeah, see, we’re in Connecticut now. We’re going to play Brooklyn tonight and I didn’t bring anything. I got this for three bucks at a gas station. I’m going be strutting my New York beanie tonight for sure, representin’.” This [...]

Galactic, Carnivale Electricos (Anti- Records)

On Carnivale Electricos, Galactic delivers exactly what the title promises. The funk band turns its attention to Carnival music, and electricity is central to every track. Carnival in New Orleans, Rio and Cajun Country may rely on acoustic instruments, but like From the Corner to the Block and Ya-Ka-May, Carnivale Electricos is the product of [...]

New Carnival Music from Galactic

Galactic has finished a new album, Carnivale Electricos which puts a new spin on the Carnival record by musically addressing not only Mardi Gras but Carnival in Brazil. This time around, the large stable of musical guests includes Louisiana artists Al “Carnival Time” Johnson, Big Chief Juan Pardo, Corey Henry, John Michael Rouchell, Maggie Koerner, [...]