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YouTube Du Jour: Doctor P

  Dubstep is the thing today. In OffBeat’s current issue (August 2012), photographer Michael Kandel’s shot of the crowd going wild during Skrillex’s Hangout Fest set is featured in Photo Op, and tonight Winter Circle Productions presents international, bass-dropping super DJ, Doctor P at the Republic. In 2009 the UK-born Doctor P, ne Shaun Brockhurst, [...]

YouTube du Jour: Rusko

“This is guilt-free bass bliss for a post-genre age,” writes Billboard‘s Kerri Mason in her review of Rusko’s Songs. Rusko‘s commonly thought of as a dubstep DJ, but “Somebody to Love” from Songs is driven by a house piano part before the reggae bass drop kicks in. He’s eclectic, drawing on the breadth of EDM [...]

A Look Back on Buku

Saturday: Ten p.m. at Mardi Gras World Saturday was rowdy. St. Patrick’s Day was a contributing factor, but the music and scene at Buku were bigger ones. Buku combined the best of electronic dance music (EDM), hip-hop, and places where the lines blur together for a party that started just before dusk and went late [...]

Skrillex at Buku Music & Art Project March 18

Skrillex has the distinct honor of being one of the most despised and celebrated artists in dubstep, one of the most despised and celebrated genres of popular music today. Dubstep is a Frankenstein’s monster of techno’s various minimalist strains, sample-heavy hip-hop production and post-everything pop sheen. Skrillex, the subject of a thousand blogs’ screed, took [...]

The Buku Music & Art Project: Never Trust Anyone Over 25?

Amos Barshad of Grantland started a recent piece on Skrillex, “One thing about being 27 is that you’re definitely old enough to be allowed to flippantly dismiss things high school kids are into, but not necessarily old enough to want to flippantly dismiss things high school kids are into. Which brings us to last night, [...]

Dubstepping to New Orleans

“What Uppp” Rusko greets in a British drawl. The 26-year-old dubstep artist has released a slew of successful tracks in recent years, including “Cockney Thug” and “Woo Boost.” Rusko seems startled but delighted at dubstep’s soaring popularity. “It’s pretty remarkable” he says, “because I don’t think any of us expected this to do what it’s [...]

OffBeat Guest Mix: SXNO with Carmine P. Filthy

Every year, hundreds of musicians from around the world converge on Austin, Texas for the annual South by Southwest Music Conference. Many of these acts stop in New Orleans before or after the conference/festival to pick up an extra gig, and with events such as the Foburg Festival bringing more indie rockers to New Orleans [...]

MiM0SA, Nosaj Thing Highlight Bassik at Republic Thursday

Heavy-hitters of bass-heavy production are convening this Thursday, December 16 at Republic for the club’s ongoing dubstep series. BASSIK features MiM0SA, Nosaj Thing, Shanook and Rus in what is sure to be a show filled with heavy grooves that might shake the fillings right out of your skull. MiM0SA’s popularity in the electronic scene is [...]

Voodoo Day 1: Muse Has Lights and Weezer Wanders

A few quick thoughts on the first day of the Voodoo Experience 2010: It’s tempting to think about Muse’s massive light show as a lot of hamburger helper, particularly after the low-tech Weezer set that preceded it, but it’s not. In England and Europe, they play to 100,000 or more at stadium and festival shows, [...]