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Live Album and Presidential Honors for Allen Toussaint

New Orleans’ master songwriter Allen Toussaint may well be hanging with President Obama as you read this. Toussaint is one of twelve recipients of the 2012 National Medal of the Arts, which will be awarded on Wednesday night (July 10). The Oscar, LA-born author Ernest Gaines (The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman) is also being [...]


Just two weekends ago, the great Allen Toussaint made a surprise appearance at Fortier Fest, an annual neighborhood event in the Bayou St. John area. Sitting in with the usual headliner Walter Wolfman Washington, Toussaint did his bit to continue the rejuvenation and beautification of Alcee Fortier Park. So it makes perfect sense that Toussaint [...]

Jazz Fest News: Springsteen Week

Bruce Springsteen will finish the first weekend of Jazz Fest on Sunday, April 29. Next week, Springsteen will be part of a week-long tribute on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; he’ll appear on Monday night and on Friday, when he will be the only guest on a show that will feature an interview and a [...]

The Old Boys’ Network

This year’s Voodoo Experience may have decided to surf the youth wave, but my desk is overrun with CDs by the Old Boys’ Network. As I’ve said before, Grinderman 2 speaks to me with Nick Cave growing old gracelessly, stomping out ill-mannered, dirty-minded rock ’n’ roll without pretending he’s still a young man. On the [...]

YouTube du Jour: Straight to Hell

Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center is screening Alex Cox’s Straight to Hell Returns nightly at 9 through Thursday. The movie is a new edit of Cox’s 1987 take on the spaghetti western tradition starring Joe Strummer with appearances by Elvis Costello, Courtney Love, Jim Jarmusch and members of the Pogues.

Derek Huston Joins Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe

Since parting ways from the Iguanas, saxophonist Derek Huston has kept busy as a free agent. “I’ve really enjoyed the different experiences I’ve had as a freelancer,” Huston says. “It’s definitely a job in and of itself trying to keep your schedule full and juggle all different opportunities that come along. It’s kind of feast [...]

Jimmy Robinson’s Musicworks Series: Following Costello

All New Orleans musicians have a story. Jimmy Robinson wants to hear them. The Twangorama guitarist’s Musicworks Series features a guest musician every Thursday night at the Carrollton Station starting in September, and Robinson hopes to take audiences behind the scenes of their favorite local musicians and expose them to information not easily found at [...]

Notes from Jazz Fest’s Second Weekend

R. Scully’s Rough 7 brought sunshiny good times to Jazz Fest, opening their set at the Acura Stage by singing “I’m Not Insane Anymore” and “Give Up Your Dreams.” Scully also sang one of the most interesting Katrina songs, and one of the few that didn’t sound a little dated. The verse is almost talking [...]

Costello, DiFranco Help Lil’ Band o’ Gold Celebrate Bobby Charles

When an all-star lineup performed Bobby Charles’ songs at Jazz Fest in 2007, you couldn’t help but feel that they showed the songs off better than Charles would have. The same held true Thursday night when C.C. Adcock and Lil’ Band o’ Gold paid tribute to the Louisiana songwriting legend who died last January. It’s [...]

Stars Celebrate Bobby Charles

When Bobby Charles passed away last January, friends quietly worried that didn’t seem to be any musical tributes to the Louisiana songwriting legend forthcoming. A few months later, they finally arrive. Last weekend, he was the subject of a panel in the Alison Miner Music Heritage Stage, and on Sunday there was a celebration of [...]