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The Log Ladies, Let’s Build a Myth Together (Independent)

The Log Ladies sprung up from the fertile soil of New Orleans’ improvisational/creative music scene (à la Blue Nile’s Open Ears Series). Comprised of guitarist Chris Alford, bassist Jesse Morrow, and drummer/poet Dave Cappello, the Log Ladies explore a wide variety of musical terrain on their debut album, Let’s Build a Myth Together, and succeed [...]

Search and Restore: A Restoration Project

“There will be lots of acoustic instruments, plenty of drums, horns, upright basses, relatively strange-looking instruments, computers, electronic elements in a jazz setting, and lots of music—all of it original and unique.” Justin Peake is describing the premiere Search and Restore Festival in New Orleans, which takes place April 30 to May 2. The festival’s [...]

YouTube du Jour: Matthew Burtner and Michael Straus

Tonight, the Open Ears Series upstairs at the Blue Nile presents improvisers Matthew Burtner and Michael Straus. They’ll perform the POD Tenor Saxophone Nonet and Quartet in a show for multiple saxophones, a broken drum, experimental Alaskan film and electronics. Here is an example of what Burtner can do with one broken brake drum, and a performance [...]

YouTube du Jour: Ken Vandermark and Tim Daisy

Tonight, the duo of Ken Vandermark (horns) and Tim Daisy (percussion) will perform upstairs at the Blue Nile as part of the Open Ears Series. Here’s Vandermark and Daisy at Elastic in Chicago earlier this year. If you’re unable to make it to the Blue Nile, the show will be simulcast on WWOZ some time [...]

YouTube du Jour: Tatsuya Nakatani

Tonight, Japanese percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani will perform a show of improvised music upstairs at the Blue Nile as part of the Open Ears Series with Rob Cambre and Donald Miller. Nakatani employs a series of gongs, bowls and self-made instruments that are bowed or played in uncommon ways. Here he is in a solo performance [...]

YouTube du Jour: Ige*Timer

Swiss/Italian improvised music duo Ige*Timer are in town for a series of shows starting tonight at the Open Ears Series upstairs at the Blue Nile. Simon Berz and Klaus Janek play a mix of electronic and natural instruments, and tonight they’ll be joined by trombone player Rick Trolsen and guitarist Chris Alford. Wednesday at 8 [...]

Unchained Melodies: Improvised Music in New Orleans

For a drummer, Justin Peake spends very little time at his kit. A few judicious taps on the cymbal, then it’s off to his laptop, where the sound is captured and electronically perpetuated as an evolving series of digital blips and screeches. Sitting back, he lets computerized processes take their course, intervening with a few [...]

YouTube du Jour: Joe McPhee

Tonight at the Big Top, sax player Joe McPhee joins the rhythm section from Norwegian avant-garde band The Thing at 8 p.m. Here’s McPhee with drummer Paal Nilssen-Love of The Thing. Opening the show is master free drummer Tatsuya Nakatani and local guitarist Donald Miller.