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Shot Through the Heart

  [Update below] The TBA in Jazz Fest’s lineup turned out to be neither Bruce Springsteen or Neil Young as many hoped. Instead, we get Bon Jovi, who festival director […]


  In Keith Spera’s analysis of the Jazz Fest schedule (not online at Nola.com that I could find), he resurrected one of Quint Davis’ more infamous quotes. When asked in […]

Did it Get a Little Cold in Here?

  Another pre-Jazz Fest note, this one on Aretha Franklin. Mike Seely at the Seattle Weekly wrote this week protesting the choice of Aretha Franklin to sing at the Obama […]

It’s All About the Hands

  A Tony Bennett review in the New York Times, in long-distance advance of his show at Jazz Fest. According to Ben Ratliff: When Tony Bennett, now 82, enacts that […]

A Shoe Fetish

  Last night, Keith Olbermann did a piece on shoe-throwing, the sort of piece that could only happen on a slow news day. He tried half-heartedly to turn it into […]

Jazz Fest Lineup Announcement Notes

  UPDATE: Dec. 17 – A reader says Erykah Badu did play Jazz Fest 8 or so years ago. I thought so, but wasn’t sure.] The New Orleans Jazz and […]

Credit Where Credit’s Due

In one of my posts about Kidd Jordan, I wrote that none of the city’s cultural organizations besides Anxious Sound had paid proper attention to Jordan. Cree McCree reminded me […]

Last Call for This Year’s Jazz Fest

I’ve done all the post-Fest writing I’m going to do, and our Jazz Fest wrap-up will appear in the June issue (due out later this week). But writer Larry Blumenfeld has […]