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Saints vs. 49ers Preview: Saints Welcome the Blitz

I’m pretty sure the phrase “Ugly Win” simply means the defense won the game. And last week, an “ugly”, nay, a “fugly” win, is what the Saints got. Real ‘effin […]

Madden ’11 Says Saints by Seven

One thing that’s useful to remember about the NFL is that it is the most successful, most watched, and longest running television show in history. Sure, the action on the […]

Just Gimme Some Truth

When the Saints season opens in the Dome September 9, it looks like the Minnesota Vikings will have Brett Favre at quarterback, just as almost everybody in the free world […]

A Beautiful Day

Rather than try to put Sunday into perspective, here’s the blow by blow: – Started at the Rock Bottom Lounge at 11:30 a.m. for the start of the Lady Rollers […]

Two Quickies

– The morning line on next Sunday’s Saints-Vikings game is Saints by 4. Judging by the way sportscasters were soiling themselves with glee as they raved about the Vikings defense, […]