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Snooks’ Funeral

  I resisted writing about Snooks Eaglin’s funeral yesterday, wondering if it was tasteless to comment on it. But later in the day at the visitation for Antoinette K-Doe at […]

Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin

  [UPDATE BELOW] Antoinette K-Doe passed away of a heart attack early Tuesday morning after finishing her Lundi Gras shift at the Mother-in-Law Lounge. Thankfully, we were able to present […]

Sad News

  We  just heard that Snooks Eaglin passed away this afternoon. More when we know more.

Help Needed

  We received this distressing email yesterday from Adele Dauphin at the Rock ‘n’ Bowl: I wanted to update you on Snooks Eaglin and Harry Ravain. Snooks has been hospitalized […]