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Dr. John, Cyril Neville and More Raise Money at New Orleans Musicians for Obama Concert

“I’ve been asked about 300 times tonight, ‘How did you get all these people to play,’” Cyril Neville said during a changeover on the Generations Hall main stage. “My wife got on the phone and asked them!” That spirit of generosity and family ties pervaded the New Orleans Musicians for Obama concert on Tuesday evening. Promising [...]

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi with Barbara Menendez at House of Blues Friday Night

Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, came to New Orleans Friday in advance of the Make It Right Foundation’s “A Night to Make It Right” fundraiser, which DeGeneres is hosting with foundation founder Brad Pitt. Last night, the celebrity couple went to the Parish at House of Blues to see DeGeneres’ old [...]

The Help, Keep the Beat (Independent)

What much of 1980s nostalgia fails to acknowledge is that there was more to new wave than funny clothes and synthesizers. New wave was, in ways, a means of creating rock stars out of ourselves, a means for misfits to meet pop music and punk rock halfway. The Cold was New Orleans’ embodiment of that [...]

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Barbara Menendez

“My son Weston, who is also in my band (the Help), he put it to me this way about cooking. He likes to cook because I’ve always cooked, and I said to Weston, ‘You know, one day, everything that you’ve ever learned about cooking just gels, and it’s like an epiphany.’ And he goes, ‘Like [...]

The Help: Help Wanted

Dig into the recesses of your New Orleans concert-going history back to the early 1980s, or, if yours is of insufficient vintage, jump onto YouTube and look up new wave band the Cold. In the center of that visitation will be a blonde whirlwind named Barbara Menendez, a mass of flailing locks from which a melodious [...]