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OffBeat Looks at the Weekend

OffBeat editor Alex Rawls appeared on the Fox8 Morning Show with Jennifer Hale this morning to talk about Lil Wayne, the Best of the Beat, Yo La Tengo and Monotonix. […]

Photo of the Moment: Charlie Louvin

We’re saddened to hear of the passing of country great Charlie Louvin, who died of pancreatic cancer this morning. About an hour ago, photographer Erika Goldring sent us this photo […]

When’s the Last Time This Happened?

A band playing Jazz Fest has the number one album in the country right now. The Decemberists will perform Sunday, April 30, and their new album, The King is Dead, […]

Didn’t See That Coming

Yesterday when I posted Coachella’s lineup as a possible preview for upcoming New Orleans festivals, I thought there were clues to Voodoo’s lineup in it, but I really didn’t expect […]

Entertainment Shifts

When my parents were teenagers, the place to go hear music and party was the French Quarter, on Bourbon Street. Pete Fountain and Al Hirt’s place, the Famous Door, Maison […]

A Long Look Ahead

Coachella takes place in California April 15-17, a mere six months before Voodoo, but it’s the start of the festival season and is a hint as to who’ll be working […]

People Discover Palin in Your Pocket

Former OffBeat staffer Steve Winn has made a cottage industry of the “—– Your Pocket” series – keychains that play soundbites from famous and infamous sources. They include Mr. T […]

What Have We Learned?

We recently received a link to the new Mystikal, “That Woman,” and it’s simply sad. As dynamic a performer as he is, and as triumphant as his Jazz Fest appearance […]

Way Good Music Coming Your Way

Ooh, boy, is there some good music coming your way. Of course, there’s the Best of The Beat Awards, which we’ve been hyping non-stop. This is not mere puffery:  We’ve […]

This is Britney, Right?

The new Britney Spears single, “Hold it Against Me,” comes out this week, and here’s an unofficial video with the song. It’s Britney dance pop – not as entertainingly messed […]