Bas Clas

Bas Clas


Bas Clas, Bas Clas (Serfdom Records)

Rock bands known for an epic 15-year run, marathon sets and a sizeable regional following usually sit on their laurels and gaze at scrapbook clippings by now. Not Bas Clas who, with this seven-song EP, seemed poised for another run. With its core membership still intact, the Bas Clas sound is too, a roots-rock concoction bedrocked in its Southwest Louisiana identity, ’80s rock influences (especially Tom Petty) and an occasional, guitar-jangly trace of the Byrds. The guitar-searing “Allons Danser” couldn’t be better to kick off the proceedings since it essentially shapes Bas Clas’ complex identity. Like “Allons Danser,” “My Louisiane” is also rife with cultural references with memories of Maw-Maw underneath an old oak tree. Additionally, Bas Clas delightfully strays into the metaphysical on “Whistling Wind” with lead guitarist Steve Picou and guest saxophonist Dickie Landry’s Middle Eastern-sounding riffs, not to mention the surreal lyrics: ‘I hear music in the air / bringing stories from somewhere.’ Infectious and smartly delivered, Bas Clas’ buoyant songs become addictive (“Back to Work,” “Silverbird”) after a few listens. There will always be a place in Louisiana’s musical lore for Bas Clas.

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