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New Orleans Summers and
Frenchmen Street Sewers

It’s almost here. Not quite over 90 degrees yet, but the mercury is inching up slowly. It was a hot one today and breezy, but the summer afternoon rain looks […]

Live In The City. Or Not?

What’s been happening: Jimmy Anselmo—once again—didn’t get the liquor license he needs to re-open Jimmy’s Club on Willow Street after a protracted battle with the city. Anselmo says he will […]

Follow Your NOLA,
New Orleans Visitors Targeted

The New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation (NOTMC) presented the plan for its annual campaign yesterday to members of the hospitality industry. Its theme is “Follow Your NOLA” and it targets […]

Jazz Fest Is Over? Jimmy’s Keeps Trying.

Had a glorious second weekend at Jazz Fest—if you count Friday and Saturday. Thursday was too rainy and Friday too cold for my tastes, but I did go on Friday […]

Jazz Fest TV

Years ago, Jazz Fest was shot for television broadcast, some of which we saw, mostly not. All that has changed with the entry of AXS TV. Every night when I […]

Jazz Fest For The Gimped and Otherwise Infirm

I am handicapped, and I have limited use of my legs due to an automobile accident some 30 years ago. The older I get, the worse the pain. About 16 […]