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A nice relaxing weekend–not.

It was going to be a nice, relaxing weekend. In fact, I had even scheduled a (much-needed) massage for myself on Saturday morning.  But when I drove to keep my […]

The long-awaited return of PBS?

PBS (Porter-Batiste-Stoltz) is one of those bands we wish could return to the city’s music scene. So why did the band disappear? A few years ago, those in the local […]

Final draft report on
noise ordinance released

The final draft of a consultants’ long-awaited study on New Orleans’ noise ordinance was released last Saturday to the public. Oxford Acoustics, represented by musician/acoustic consultant Dave Woolworth, was engaged […]

Good Job

It’s nice to live in a city where at least some people seem to be going a good job. I was speaking to my mom in Baton Rouge the other […]