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Christmas in the Subtropics

Crazy as this city is normally, at Christmas we really like to go all out. As any New Orleanian knows, the Yuletide season is just another reason to have a […]

Happy Hour Chart

While not exhaustive, this list includes some of the better-known (and frequented) spots in New Orleans and Metairie. If you find a favorite watering hole, be sure and let us […]

Great Bars of New Orleans

New Orleans’ old French-Spanish quarter is the only decent inhabited district that I discovered in America. From the architecture to the manners of the people, their clothes, customs and cookery, […]

Discovering Real New Orleans Jazz: Tours and Resources

New Orleans is the celebrated birthplace of jazz, and there’s no better place to learn the history of this uniquely American music. Some visitors are lucky enough to have a […]

A Mecca for Cajun Music

Like kids in high school, the dancers eye each other nervously as they line up to choose partners. Two lines form facing each other and the teacher patiently explains new […]

Allons Danser

Following on the heels (or perhaps we should say the fins) of the omnipresent blackened redfish, the latest rage to come out of the bayou country is Cajun dancing. For […]

They Call Us Wild: The Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans

“There is never a dull moment in the street where the Zulus   & the Indians & the Baby Dolls live & play.   in the streets where every night […]

New Orleans Wildlife: Vic and Nat’ly at da Zoo

Vic and Nat’ly Broussard, the cartoon creations of Bunny Matthews, are the archetypal Ninth-Ward New Orleans couple. In a new multi-media exhibition at the Audubon Zoo’s Odenheimer Rotunda, Vic and […]


With the passage of time the legend of Storyville—New Orleans’ notorious red light district—has taken on an almost mythic quality. It shines in the collective memory as a kind of […]

The Voodoo That We Do

The days are long past when it was fairly commonplace, under the light of a full moon, for large and varied masses of people to chant strange hypnotic chants and […]