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The culture is for everybody, says Monogram Hunters Big Chief Pie

Tambourines ring and sewing needles fly with particular intensity during the weeks leading up to Carnival Day as the Mardi Gras Indians prepare for the holiday. On Sunday evenings, many […]

I Believe in Rock ’n’ Roll: River Gibson of LVVRS is not faking anything

If former “American Idol” contestant River Gibson played Cajun music, he could be gigging in his native Acadiana every day. But waltzes and two-steps never moved him. Green Day did. […]

The One That’s Got the Mojo: The Ric and Ron Records legacy

During the 2018 holiday season, Shirley and Lee’s 1956 hit, “Let the Good Times Roll,” accompanied Walmart’s Christmas-themed TV commercial. In 2016, Professor Longhair’s 1959 recording of “Go to the […]

Going to Get Me Some Dirt: Jourdan Thibodeaux gets everybody’s attention

Barry Ancelet has heard more Cajun musicians than he can remember. A retired professor of French and folklore at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Ancelet hosted “Rendez-Vous des Cajuns,” […]

Open-minded and Picky: Bubble Bath Records brings together a community of artists

Behind every major talent stands some invisible support system—or so the untrue saying goes. In reality, many New Orleans musical acts count only their band’s members as advocates. And most […]

The Nominations: The complete list of nominees for the Best of the Beat

  The OffBeat Music and Cultural Arts Foundation’s Best of the Beat Nominations are in. We solicited nominations from musicians and others in the music community. We then gave the […]

Lifetime Achievement in Music Business: Doris Bastiansen of the Kerry Irish Pub

New Orleans has a long list of storied music venues known the world over for their timeless performances that connect musicians with the spirit of their audience members. And yet […]

Positive Vibrations HeartBeat Award (Culture Bearer): Herreast Harrison

Herreast Harrison’s life story sings of destiny. A soft-spoken yet sharp-witted and culturally astute and involved woman, Harrison, 81, took her cues from her mother, Mattie Johnson, in her love […]

Positive Vibrations HeartBeat Award (Musician): Dr. Michael White

Renowned and multiple-award-winning clarinetist, composer and educator Dr. Michael White came to learn that just performing New Orleans jazz was not enough. Part of the deal was carrying on the […]