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The Best High: Jonathon Long puts his songs and singing up front

Sometimes it’s time for a change. Despite being known as “Boogie” since he was two, Baton Rouge singer-guitarist-songwriter Jonathon Long recently dropped his nickname. The title of his new album—produced […]

Dear New Orleans: Visual artist Ceaux Young pens stories without words

Underneath the bridge where Claiborne Avenue meets Orleans Avenue, a mural devoted to New Orleans footwork electrifies what is otherwise a drab piece of urban infrastructure along the Claiborne corridor. […]

New Orleans Continues To Digest the National Food Hall Trend

In 2013, Jennifer Sherrod-Blackwell, Martinique Bistro’s veteran GM and sommelier, and her husband, Brandon Blackwell, a former sous chef at Upperline and butcher at Cleaver & Co., combined their culinary […]

ManChu Food Store: Unapologetically Real

Over by the Claiborne Avenue bridge, where the clanking and bang of the highway meets the gentle flow of Esplanade, there’s a crisp smell at all hours. The Manchu Food […]

Boudin In The City

The Cajun country super food that once required a trip westward along the I-10 is making inroads in New Orleans.   When the elderly Nook and Mother Bonin closed up […]

In Memoriam: Ivory “Wildman” Holmes (1954-2018)

“He did a lot of projects,” Chief Derrick Hulin of the Golden Blades declares of Wildman Ivory Holmes’ eagerness on many creative fronts. “As a wildman, he was tough, tough—he […]

I’m Leaving It Up to You: Yvette Landry’s Louisiana lovin’ goes worldwide

Beyond its south Louisiana birthplace, swamp pop is less known than the region’s internationally branded Cajun and zydeco music. A hybrid of Cajun-French music and classic rhythm and blues from […]

300 Songs for 300 Years: Allen Toussaint

If Allen Toussaint had only done a couple of things—say, producing the Meters and writing “On Your Way Down”—he’d still make any list of New Orleans’ music immortals. As it […]

No Parlor Tricks: Givers remains a working-class band

Whether they know it or not, millions of people have heard the passionate, melodic music made by New Orleans–based indie-pop band Givers. That’s because nearly every song on Givers’ 2011 […]

Congo Square Rap: Fiend’s musical massage

Hip-hop as a musical genre can be as elastic as it gets, and International Jones’ (IJ) new Player Chit explores new worlds by going back to the 1970s. Picture a […]