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Photo Op: Christopher Briscoe captures Salvador Giardina’s instrument workshop

My feet were blistered and aching after two weeks of nonstop walking through the French Quarter. It was the last day of my stay in New Orleans. Salvador Giardina was […]

Ascona Jazz Festival

Held June-July in Ascona, Switzerland each year, the Ascona Jazz Festival aims to capture the music and culture of New Orleans through jazz, blues and funky vibes. Find more photos […]

Celebrating Louisiana Music: Best of the Beat in Photos

Photography by Willow Haley     The party celebrating the 21st Annual Best of the Beat Awards was memorable for the outstanding food and music. Some of the best eats […]

Photo Op: Like No One Is Touching

Join the harrassment-free neighborhood dance party.     Heatwave is a bi-weekly all-vinyl dance party started by local DJ, author and dancer Ann Glaviano. DJ Ann spins music from 1957-1974 […]

Photo Op: Zack Smith has One Foot in the Swamp

As a musician and a photographer, Zack Smith combines two passions for his exhibition, One Food in the Swamp: Portraits and Daydreams as Photographs, a collection of 16 photographs of […]

Photo Op: Sites of Jazz Fest

My first assignment ever in New Orleans was to cover Jazz Fest 1991 for USA Today.  I knew nothing about the city and I still chuckle that my first meal […]

Caitlyn Ridenour Snaps Southern Decadence in the French Quarter

Every Labor Day weekend, thousands of people gather in the French Quarter to celebrate LGBTQ culture at the annual Southern Decadence Festival. With a backdrop of rainbow-colored flags, loud dance […]

Best Louisiana Music Photography 2013 Winners

In December, OffBeat held its inaugural Best Louisiana Music Photography contest. From our submissions, we selected the top 15 shots and handed the voting over to you. The prize: The […]

Photo Op: Nightdares, Street Skating in the City by Brad McCormick

To the naked eye, the potholes and busted sidewalks of the Crescent City don’t seem like a skateboarder’s paradise. But to those who push its streets, these obstacles and hazards […]

Photo Op: Skip Bolen Snaps 102-Year-Old Lionel Ferbos

Every year as the weather starts warming and March turns into April, I start to get excited about Jazz Fest. As a photographer, I start studying the Jazz Fest schedule […]