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The Dish: Chef Susan Spicer on Bayona’s Crispy Smoked Quail Salad

Which of the dishes on your menu says the most about you? I would probably say the smoked quail salad. Because I love birds. I like to eat birds, I […]

In the Spirit with Missy Cross at St. Cecilia

“For this cocktail, I start by pouring a double shot of espresso over ice before adding the other ingredients. Then I’m ready to shake it up. Because this is a […]

Pho Cam Ly

Some foods are for moods. I love cheese, for example, but only crave fondue on rare occasions when I’m neither particularly hungry nor full and the thing I’m after is […]

In the Spirit with Carlos Quinonez at Coquette

“If someone asks me for something special, this is what I make for them. It’s basically a weird take on a Negroni. Both of these spirits are from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. […]

Kelcy Mae hits the Spot

What brings you to Parkway? I often come here right before a trip or a tour, because you can’t get a good fried catfish po-boy anywhere else. Why catfish in […]

In the Spirit with Sam Perez/Piscobar (at the Catahoula Hotel)

“I picked Irma Thomas for a lot of reasons. Sentimental value, I guess. Almost 10 years ago—I grew up in Slidell—Irma Thomas was maybe the first New Orleans artist I […]

Alex McMurray hits the Spot

This isn’t your first time at Pizza D? Not at all. I live two blocks away and I’m here at least once a week—every Wednesday for sure. A lot of […]

In the Spirit: William Evans at Maypop

“Hot 8 Brass Band, I love that they do the cover for ‘Sexual Healing,’ which was one of my favorites growing up. Honestly, it’s the second line drums, the brass, […]

Jason Jurzak Hits the Spot at Nine Roses Cafe

What do you eat at Nine Roses Cafe? I order [over the phone] all the time and say, “Can I have all broccoli?” And the lady on the phone goes, […]

In the Spirit: Jeff Schwartz at Bakery Bar

“I worked at Twelve Mile Limit and Coquette, and this is a very different clientele [here at Bakery Bar]. We get a lot of women between 30 and 50. We’re […]