Soulman Ernie Vincent Hits the Spot at Robertson’s Vieux Carré

Why do you come here?

This is the only 24-hour soul club in the city. All these people are from the ‘60s, and all the people in the city know them. They’re older people, business people, cab drivers, service industry people—people who remember the past. Also, it’s on one of the world’s most famous streets — Basin Street!

When do you come?
The later, the better. You can’t get in here, you can’t park — you have to get dropped off — around 3 or 4 in the morning.

Pick your poison…
Jack and Coke. Or Southern Comfort. I like that too.

Guitarist Ernie Vincent is one of New Orleans’ tried and true R&B soulmen

His Spot: Robertson’s Vieux Carré
Address: 1523 Basin Street
Phone: (504) 679-7392

Ernie Vincent, Robertson's Vieux Carre, Elsa Hahne photo

Ernie Vincent stays cool at Robertsons Vieux Carre (photo Elsa Hahne).