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Amerigo: The Music for the Furniture (Independent)

The Accidental Darlings—formerly the Violet Era—have two things really going for them: 1) Misty Belmonte has good rock star presence on record and on stage, and 2) you never go wrong with Led Zeppelin as an influence. Belmonte rages and wails on a cinematic scale, as if she’s working out the psychic hoodoo that accompanies watching her family chainsawed into Alpo.

Juke (Box) Joints

  One night I saw two lawyers in lust trying to read the road map to their forbidden desires. The red wine out of the bar’s single-serving screwtop bottles was […]

Mahayla Takes Small Steps

Mahayla’s cover of the Beach Boys’ “You Still Believe In Me” is telling. Singer/songwriter Dave Fera shares a fragile, young quality in his voice and lyrics with Brian Wilson. His […]